Pricelist of wooden beads

We offer also other various wooden products:

  • bangles

    Price from: 0.5 Eur

  • necklaces

    Price from: 1.1 Eur

  • mixture of unthreaded wooden beads

    Loose mixture of our wooden beads in different shapes and sizes. We offer two types of mixture 1/ natural and brown beads 2/ coloured beads. In order to get an idea, please have a look at our bead sample book.
    Prices from 47 EUR/Kg

  • leather strings

    Price from: 0.15 Eur

Wholesale wooden beads pricelist

Please contact us in the matter of volume discounts.

You can also download fashionable wood beads shade card (pdf) and sampler of forms

Wooden beads price list

Wooden beads price list

Have a look at the price list (xls, 1067kB or ZIP, 199kB) of the beads we produce.

For further information, you can e-mail us: