Wooden beads FAQs


Frequently asked questions

Where can I learn the specific details about various colours and shapes of your beads?

How do I find about your prices for individual types of your products?

  • Our interactive price list (XLS format or ZIP format) offers you the possibility to count the prices of various bead products for yourself.

Where do you provide information about minimum required quantity of ordered beads and quantity discounts that you offer?

  • Our price list (see question above) provides you with this information. Also, in more or less specific cases do not hesitate to contact us directly by email.

What is the standard diameter of a hole in your beads?

  • 1 to 3 mm, based on the size of particular bead.

How long does it take to deliver wooden bead products around the world?

  • Once your order is packaged and sent, the delivery takes about 4-6 days to USA and Europe, about 7-11 days to Asia (China, Japan, etc.).

Offered wholesale wooden beads products

Why to buy wooden beaded products from us?

  • Production capacity - unlimited
  • Packaging - free of charge!
  • Short delivery deadlines- dispatch within 24 hours if goods are in stock - within 30 days from order according to customer requirement
  • Quantity discounts - possible
Wooden bead sample book

Wooden bead sample book

Have a look at the sample book (pdf, 418kB) of colours and shapes of the beads we produce. On request, we are able to prepare various colours, sizes and shapes other than those stated in the sample book.

Wooden beads price list

Wooden beads price list

Have a look at the price list (xls, 1067kB or ZIP, 199kB) of the beads we produce.

Further information at the following E-mail address: sales@wooden-beads.info

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