Wooden beads for schools and nursery schools

Beads for schools

dřevěné korálky

Wooden beads for schools and nursery schools

Wee offer wooden beads for threading, games and other purposes.

Loose wooden beads are ideal for children to play with or for various competitions. If required, we can also supply elastic, silon or soft leather, to create necklaces, bracelets or bead curtains.

We supply the above-mentioned beads for 47 EUR/Kg not including VAT.

WE are able to supply loose beads in two different colour mixes:

1) Various colours - a bead mix containing all colours found in the sample book

2) Natural and shades of brown - a bead mix as shown in the photo above

If you are interested in beads of a certain colour, shape or size, please have a look at our sample book below.

Offered wholesale wooden beads products

Why to buy wooden beaded products from us?

  • Production capacity - unlimited
  • Packaging - free of charge!
  • Short delivery deadlines- dispatch within 24 hours if goods are in stock - within 30 days from order according to customer requirement
  • Quantity discounts - possible
Wooden bead sample book

Wooden bead sample book

Have a look at the sample book (pdf, 418kB) of colours and shapes of the beads we produce. On request, we are able to prepare various colours, sizes and shapes other than those stated in the sample book.

Wooden beads price list

Wooden beads price list

Have a look at the price list (xls, 1067kB or ZIP, 199kB) of the beads we produce.

Further information at the following E-mail address: sales@wooden-beads.info

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