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wholesale wooden bangles

We are professional wooden bead makers

We are a company, which has been active in the wholesale wooden beads business for many years. Based on the experiences gained, we can provide our customers with the most professional care. Over the years of our existence there were many satisfied customers - companies or individuals. Among our clients are some of the most important advertising agencies, sellers and educational institutions in the Czech Republic as well as abroad.

The selection of wooden beads products that we offer is so complex that we are able to satisfy all possible needs our customer can have related to wholesale wooden beads. We can make wooden beads according to your specific requirements or we can come up with a creative solution concerning wooden beads for you - perfectly corresponding to your needs.

Offered wholesale wooden beads products

Contact Information

Daniela Mazacova, Tel. +420 602 326 054
Company Registration No.: 46519424, VAT payer

Account number:
IBAN: CZ64 0800 0000 0012 1355 1329

Further information (sales related especially) at the following E-mail address: sales@wooden-beads.info

Why to buy from us as a wholesaler?

  • Minimum order $40USD !!!
  • Production capacity flexible
  • Packaging - free of charge!
  • Short delivery deadlines- dispatch within 24 hours if goods are in stock - within 30 days from order according to customer requirement
  • Quantity discounts
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