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Wholesale wooden beads, necklaces and bracelets

We produce wooden beads and are able to offer these to you, for example, for advertising purposes, wholesale, retail, market stalls and schools.

We are company, which has proved its worth over the years. We supply our products to the most important advertising agencies, sellers and educational institutions in the Czech Republic.

We are able to prepare wooden beads according to your requirements or to propose a creative solution for the beads for you, which will correspond to your needs. Whether this be sales for a stall or a promotional event, we are a suitable partner for you, a fact that we will certainly convince you of.

We are able to make bead curtains, beaded necklaces, wood bangles, beads for schools and other products on demand. Of course we supply beads both loose and threaded. We are able to offer retailers display stands for the sale of our beads.

Wood bead necklaces, bracelets and bangles

We supply most of our customers with already made wood beads necklaces, bangles and bracelets. The usual wholesale delivery contains an amout of different necklaces and bracelets. Necklaces, bracelets and bangles are made of various mixtures of colours and shapes. That way, you'll get all kinds of colors and shapes so your customers can pick what ever style they like the best. Look here to get better idea how our wooden beads necklaces and bracelets look like.

We produce and supply wooden beads of various colors, shapes and sizes. As a producer we focus on wholesale supply of wooden beads to our clients. We may deliver wooden beads already on strings so that they are ready to be sold to your customers. Also we may deliver loose wooden beads in bags to be used for any purpose you wish. We do have resources to produce custom bead products upon request such as wooden door beads.

Shapes of our wood beads range from round beads, tube beads, cube beads, oval beads, faceted beads and many other shapes. Please, take a look at our Wood Beads Sampler below.

Natural, varnished, polished, stained, dyed wood beads

As a wood beads producer, we can fit our products to your demands. Usually we deliver wood beads in the following varieties:

  • Natural wood beads - raw wood beads, natural look, natural feel
  • Natural and varnished wood beads - raw wood beads are varnished with colourless varnish
  • Natural and polished wood beads - raw wood beads are mechanically polished, the beads are glossy
  • Stained and varnished wood beads - raw wood beads are stained in dyes and varnished with clear varnish
  • Stained and polished wood beads - raw wood beads are stained in dyes and then mechanically polished

To get a better idea of how our product look like, please take a look at pictures of wooden beads that we produce.

Wooden door beads and bead curtains

We can produce wooden door beads and bead curtains on demand. Since there can be different doors and curtains from wooden beads feel free to contact us with your demand. To have an idea what kind of colors, shapes and sizes of wooden beads we produce please take a look at our wholesale wooden beads color and shape sampler.

Wooden beads for advertising campaigns

We are able to make wooden beads of almost any colour, shape or size on demand. For list of colors, shapes and sizes please take a look at our sampler. Custom colors, shapes and sizes are available upon request.

We can provide you with display racks for sales promotion of our wood beads.

Wooden beads for schools

We offer wooden beads for schools, for threading, games and other purposes.Loose wooden beads are ideal for children to play with or for various competitions. If required, we can also supply elastic, silon or soft leather, to create necklaces, bracelets or bead curtains.

We believe we can succced only with perfect service and competitive advantage.

FREE WOODEN BEADS SAMPLE !!! If you are interested in purchase of larger amount contact us for a free sample. Please, take a look at shade card and contact us with description of sample you would like us to send you.

List of offered products


Our company supports a variety of charity events and subjects. For more information about our sponsoring activites, visit here.

Wooden bead sample book

Wooden bead sample book

Have a look at the sample book (pdf, 519kB) of colours and shapes of the beads we produce. On request, we are able to prepare various colours, sizes and shapes other than those stated in the sample book.

Wooden beads price list

Wooden beads price list

Have a look at the price list (xls, 822kB or ZIP, 358kB) of the beads we produce.

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Why to buy from us as a wholesaler?

  • Minimum order $40USD !!!
  • Production capacity flexible
  • Packaging - free of charge!
  • Short delivery deadlines- dispatch within 24 hours if goods are in stock - within 30 days from order according to customer requirement
  • Quantity discounts
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